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Garage Door Cables Repair

Garage Door Cables Repair Kingwood

Call us if you want to fix, replace, and install garage door cables in Kingwood, Texas. Our team is at your service to do any cable work necessary. We will provide you with the new cables should there is a need to replace the existing snapped cable. Depend on the quick response of our professionals at Garage Door Repair Kingwood. Aware of the problems caused when cables are broken or off their position, our techs come quickly to take care of any issue. Contact us to cover your Kingwood garage door cables repair needs.

Trained to offer garage door cables repair

After years of fixing, replacing, and installing garage door cables, our techs have the expected experience and skills to do an outstanding work. It takes great expertise to fix cables. These are tensed parts and any service related to them requires great caution. You can rest easy that all techs at our company are insured and properly equipped to do any necessary garage door cables repair.

Common garage door cable problems

  • Cables come off their drum
  • The pulleys are damaged causing the cables to slip off
  • Cables are frayed
  • The cables have come off the track
  • The cables have snapped

We repair and replace garage door cables in a jiffy

Call us for any problem with the cables in Kingwood. When parts are broken, we replace them at once. Contact us if you need garage door cables replacement now. Our tech will bring the right cables for the door and will replace the snapped one. What we also do is check the second cable but also the pulley system, the bottom bracket, and the spring. All these parts are interconnected and one can affect the other. At the end of the service, our tech will also make sure the door is leveled and balanced. We definitely make all the necessary cable adjustments to make sure it properly wraps and unwraps around the drum.

Snapped cable? Frayed cables? Get in touch with our pros today for quick garage door cables repair in Kingwood.

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